Smart Living Made Easy: The Life-Enhancing Utilities of iPhone 15

Smart Living Made Easy: The Life-Enhancing Utilities of iPhone 15

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The iPhone 15 rumor mill is in full swing. From a game-changing front camera to faster USB-C speeds, there are a lot of new features to be excited about.

Apple previewed iOS 17 at WWDC 2023 and it’s set to make your iPhone experience better. Some of the big updates are improvements in Phone and Messages, but others will improve your daily life.

True Tone display

True Tone is a feature that adjusts the screen to match the lighting conditions around you. It works with other display settings to help you get more accurate colors and to make the screen easier on the eyes. You can enable or disable it in the Display & Brightness settings on your iPhone. It also works with Night Shift, a setting that changes the color temperature of your iPhone or iPad’s display to a warmer tone closer to sunset and sunrise.

Apple says that it’s designed to make your images appear more natural and less harsh. It uses sensors to measure the light in your environment and then adjusts the color and brightness of the display. In a dark room, it can shift the white balance to a warm tone, which makes the screen look more orange and helps reduce eye strain.

Some people choose to turn off True Tone because they find it distracting. Others want to keep it on because they find it helps with their eye health and makes the screen less stressful. You can toggle it on or off in the Display & Brightness settings on the iPhone, and you can also control it via Control Center. However, you can only disable it if you also disable auto-brightness.

Camera iphone 15 thuong time lapse

Time-lapse video is a great way to record things that happen slowly over a long period of time. For example, you can capture the sunrise or sunset, clouds moving across the sky, and even people painting a wall. This feature is built into the Camera app and can be accessed by swiping right on the screen and selecting the Time-Lapse option.

While the iPhone can time-lapse for as long as its free storage and battery can last, it’s best to use a tripod if possible. This will ensure that your footage is as clear and crisp as possible. You can also use a time-lapse with the Night mode to capture the stars and moon as they move through the sky.

While there’s no way to slow down a time-lapse while it’s being recorded, you can import the footage into an app like iMovie and manually slow it down. This can create a very stylized and dramatic effect.

Camera AR

The iPhone 15 is expected to have a new, more powerful main camera sensor with support for a periscope telephoto lens and 48MP rear-facing camera. It is also likely to have a faster X-scan laser for higher image quality. Additionally, the iPhone 15 is rumoured to have a USB-C port, which is in line with Apple’s decision to move to the universal standard for its laptops and tablets.

The Camera AR feature enables users to create augmented reality (AR) emojis, allowing them to choose the face they want to use from a selection of animated faces. It also enables users to record videos of themselves in various situations and uses the iPhone’s camera to overlay the video with an augmented reality scene.

Another feature is the Picture link, which allows users to set a picture as an AR marker that can play sounds, show pictures and more when the iPhone is pointed at it. It is also possible to measure distances with the Apple’s Measure app, which works like a tape measure.

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