Guitar-Driven Threads: Must-Have Gear from In Flames

Guitar-Driven Threads: Must-Have Gear from In Flames

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When it comes to influential metal bands, few have left a mark as deep as In Flames. Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, this melodic death metal powerhouse has been captivating audiences worldwide for over three decades. Known for their intense guitar-driven sound, In Flames has inspired countless musicians and fans alike. If you’re looking to channel your inner metalhead and capture their signature sound, here are some must-have gear recommendations.

Ibanez Guitars: In Flames’ guitarists, Björn Gelotte and Niclas Engelin, are known for their use of Ibanez guitars. Specifically, the Ibanez RG series is a popular choice among metal guitarists. These guitars offer a fast-playing neck, powerful pickups, and a sleek design that perfectly complements the aggressive sound of In Flames. Whether you opt for the RG550 or the RG652AHM, an Ibanez guitar will Inflames Shop help you achieve that iconic In Flames tone.

EMG Pickups: To capture the heavy, distorted sound that In Flames is known for, consider upgrading your guitar with EMG pickups. Björn Gelotte, in particular, has been using EMG pickups for years. The EMG 81 and 85 pickups are a popular choice among metal guitarists, offering high output and a tight, focused tone. These pickups will give your guitar the necessary punch and clarity to replicate In Flames’ signature sound.

Marshall Amplifiers: In Flames’ guitar tone is characterized by its powerful, aggressive nature. To achieve this, a high-quality amplifier is essential. Marshall amplifiers, such as the Marshall JVM410H, are a popular choice among metal guitarists. These amps offer a wide range of tonal options, from clean to heavily distorted, allowing you to dial in the perfect sound for In Flames’ music. Pair your Marshall amp with a matching cabinet, such as the Marshall 1960A, for a full and impactful sound.

Boss Effects Pedals: In Flames’ music often incorporates various effects to add depth and texture to their sound. Boss effects pedals are a staple in many metal guitarists’ setups, and In Flames is no exception. The Boss Metal Zone MT-2 is a popular choice for achieving that heavy, saturated distortion that In Flames is known for. Additionally, the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay and the Boss RV-6 Reverb are great options for adding atmospheric elements to your playing.

Dunlop Tortex Picks: To truly capture the essence of In Flames’ guitar playing, don’t overlook the importance of the right pick. Björn Gelotte is known for using Dunlop Tortex picks, specifically the 0.73mm thickness. These picks offer a perfect balance between flexibility and durability, allowing for precise picking and aggressive strumming. Experiment with different pick thicknesses to find the one that suits your playing style best.

In Flames’ guitar-driven sound has become synonymous with the melodic death metal genre. By investing in the right gear, you can capture their iconic tone and unleash your inner metalhead. Remember, while gear is important, it’s ultimately your passion and dedication to your craft that will truly

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